WELCOME to the uncontested dissolution of marriage information page.

This page is committed to providing information on obtaining inexpensive divorces (dissolution of marriage) for those married couples who can no longer reconcile, or resolve their disagreements.

Before you read further you may wish to review the summary dissolution process. Since 1991, the Montana Legislature has established a summary process where married couples may obtain a dissolution of marriage without legal advice and counsel. If you qualify for summary dissolution of marriage you may do-it-yourself. At flatheadlaw.com we do not recommend that people undertake to
represent themselves in a court of law. But you may disagree.

If you understand the benefit of legal advice and counsel, or if you do not qualify for a summary dissolution of marriage, and if you can settle your differences without dispute, flat fee services are available.

The Law Office of Peter F. Carroll, provides single-party representation in dissolution of marriage cases for flat fee. You will obtain a complete review of your circumstances and, if there is no contest, you can generally dissolve your marriage within six to eight weeks. See our FAQ’s for further information.

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